Myofascial Release, loosely translated, is massage.  Active Health Center offers this service as part of a healing regimen designed to support the chiropractic treatment done in our office.  We are also able to offer 'conventional' massage to meet the needs of different individuals who visit our clinic.  All such work is done by our licensed massage therapist, Holly Turner, under the direction of Kevin Handcock, DC.

Fascia is the soft tissue component of the connective tissue that provides support and protection for most structures within the human body, including muscle. Osteopathic theory proposes that this soft tissue can become restricted due to psychogenic disease, overuse, trauma, infectious agents, or inactivity, often resulting in pain, muscle tension, and corresponding diminished blood flow. 1

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  • "Since coming to Dr. Handcock in 2007, my migraines have decreased from once or twice a month to a handful per year! ."