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Daylight Saving Time.  Love it or not, it continues to happen in our neck of the woods: time marches on, regardless of how we feel about it.  As for you & me, we can use some life hacks to make it a little easier.  Everyone knows chiropractic helps, but how?

Chiropractic care works with the nervous system to help the body heal itself, as well as helping to prevent injuries. It does so by adjusting a joint of the spine, or other region, which allows the body's signals to flow unimpeded. This is often done in conjunction with other therapies to relax the muscles in the same area. 

There is a good article referring to some of the benefits of chiropractic as part of natural healing: http://www.naturalnews.com/030004_chiropractic_aging.html

Drink lots of water.  Keep sleep time routine:  no exercise or electronic devices before bed; no heavy meal near bedtime; ensure the day's concerns are not keeping you awake by keeping a journal-that way, you don't have to 'remember' everything.  Exercise daily, including walking and time for appreciating nature.  Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and go easy on processed sugars or other foods.  Create a peaceful environment, and enlist outside support to help, if necessary (i.e., get help with yard work/cleaning, develop planning strategies for retirement/a bit trip/new home, etc, with the help of your financial institution's free services).  Let your friends and family know you are trying to be healthy, and appreciate being held accountable....

And, by all means, get chiropractic care to help you function at your peak performance.

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To your health!


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  • "Since coming to Dr. Handcock in 2007, my migraines have decreased from once or twice a month to a handful per year! ."