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October Gratitude

October has arrived!  This is one of my favorite months of all.  Autumn teases us with cool fronts, then warm days, and back again.  Leaves actually do change here in Central Texas, albeit not the same scale as New England, but still beautiful.  There is a tree in my front yard that has been dropping a few leaves, and I await its final seasonal show when they all flutter down to one big yellow carpet on the now-sleeping grass. 

The colors of a sunset mark this time of year:  deep oranges, yellows and reds, with a hint of purple thrown in for good measure.  Halloween gives us a childlike sense of whimsy and fun.  It's time for the taste of warm cider, the smell of pumpkin spice and the texture of a patiently-awaited favorite sweater.  Anticipation of more upcoming holidays enliven the spirit- The fortune of being with loved ones clearly fills the heart.

While enjoying this sensory phenomenon that is Autumn, remember to take care of your health.  I keep up with my vitamins, knowing the season is also conducive to those 'bugs' that thrive when people are indoors and in close proximity to one another.  I also keep up with chiropractic adjustments.  Holistically, the spine protects the nervous and other systems in the body.  Receiving regular adjustments helps keep communication and flow working throughout to enhance immunity and overall health.  My own exercise comes in bursts of yardwork, and my eating habits vary according to what's going on in my schedule.  If that resembles you at all, keep up where you can with chiropractic.

To your health!


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