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Flex Spending Accounts

You can use your flex spending to receive treatment, and even orthotics, here at Active Health Center!  We are a medical office, and, as such, are able to provide such these valuable goods and services.  Many people are recognizing the impact using custom orthotics can make in their lives. 

There is literature we now carry in our office that can shed some light on how chiropractic patients can benefit from custom orthotics. Topics addressed include:

  • Short Leg

"In fact, there is some degree of asymmetry...in everyone.  Leg length inequality (LLI)-where one leg is either anatomically or functionally shorter than the other-is classified as a 'normal variant': so common, it isn't surprising when it turns up."

"Many health researchers have concluded that even a few millimeters of LLI (a quarter of an inch or less) may be a primary or contributing cause of low back or hip problems...".

Dr. Handcock routinely assesses leg symmetry as part of his adjustments.  It is at this point he may determine if orthotics would be the best course of treatment for you.

  • Low Back Pain

"...Spinal Strain and postural fatigue account for about 70 percent of cases not caused by more serious conditions...Lifting a heavy object improperly, or falling, may cause immediate back pain.  Other reasons may not be so apparent and may take a long time to develop into a painful condition (such as poor sleeping, standing, or sitting posture)."

In our office, we are able to assist in reduction of pain and increased function through therapy and instruction for home exercise.  Dr. Handcock fitting patient orthotics is a key element, along with chiropractic adjustments and treatment, in promoting normal function.

  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain

"The sacroiliac, or 'SI', joints...are the link between your spinal column and pelvis.  They help absorb damaging shock forces, and they also help stabilize the body and transmit weight to the lower limbs."

SI joint pain can be caused due to either sudden trauma or be cumulative aggravation from poor posture or other habits. "Pressure can build up on the SI joint (s) for years before any obvious discomfort is noticed.

A thorough evaluation should be done by Dr. Handcock to help determine the source of your pain.  You should discuss "...location and intensity of your pain...has the pain spread to other parts of the body (thigh, buttock, groin, leg, foot, etc.)?...does the pain cause you to limp?...does it hurt to turn over in bed or get up from a chair, etc.?"  Custom orthotics can be instrumental in alleviating or entirely relieving such joint pain.

  • Knee Pain

Either traumatic or chronic injuries are the leading cause of knee pain.  "In a normal posture, the kneecaps point straight ahead over the feet.  This is the knee posture, which gives the most support to the hips and spine.  Problems occur when a knee becomes misaligned...As knee muscles and ligaments weaken, the joint may begin to move out of its proper position.  These imbalances have a potential ripple effect, which can affect the hips, low back, and neck."

Dr. Handcock provides manipulations, specific exercises, and custom fitting of stabilizing orthotics to remedy knee pain. 

Appointments to determine the need for custom orthotics may be incorporated into your usual manipulation appointment, just call ahead to set up: 512-310-2747.

To your health~


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  • "Since coming to Dr. Handcock in 2007, my migraines have decreased from once or twice a month to a handful per year! ."