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HSA Accounts and Footwear

Did you know you can use your medical health savings account funds toward chiropractic?  About this time of year, it's time to consider what to do with that which is 'leftover' in the account.  Remember that Active Health Center is a medical office, so we're eligible for that use. 

One popular item we offer is custom orthotics.  Sometimes they are even partially reimbursed by medical insurance outright.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Handcock by calling our office at 512-310-2747.  He will explain the different types of orthotics available to you to best fit your lifestyle, then he takes a mold of your foot.  We send them to Foot Levelers (we always use this exceptional company), and they are ready to be dispensed to you about a week later. 

Dr. Handcock uses them in every pair of shoes he wears, including slippers!  Keep in mind that if your feet aren't correctly positioned, it can take a toll on your knees, lower back, and even the rest of your body!  You will not see the results you get from custom orthotics by the do it yourself insoles at the grocery store.  These are also long-lived, and there are even sandals made with them!  We have whole families who get fitted with custom orthotics, and every age can benefit. 

Imagine breaking in the new year already feeling better than the year before.  Call to schedule, and make that vision a reality~

To your health!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Since coming to Dr. Handcock in 2007, my migraines have decreased from once or twice a month to a handful per year! ."