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Seasonal EFFECTIVE Disorder

This is a great time of year:  not too hot, not too cold, enough hours of sunlight to actually get things done-People are bustling around doing all the necessary things that the season allows.  But occasionally, in the middle of fixing sprinklers, planting vegetables and pruning limbs, lo and behold, something snaps and you're down for the count.  This syndrome could be referred to as S.E.D., or Seasonal "Effective" Disorder. It hits when you're in the middle of doing something productive, and can affect your activities dramatically.  

People who suffer from S.E.D. often begin their affliction in denial.  The radiating pain may cause feelings of malaise and depression, but, not to worry, we can help.  Once it is accepted that the pain is not disappearing by itself, understand that chiropractic is a logical treatment to get all your bits and pieces back into alignment.  Our goal is the same as yours:  Get back out there and resume living to the fullest.

If you mention you would like to know what stretches or exercises would be beneficial for you, Dr. Handcock will be happy to assist.  As each one of us has our own unique lifestyle, exercises that are good for your co-worker may not be beneficial to you.  Allow a professional to assist with a specific plan for you so that you can reduce S.E.D. as much as possible-creating an physiological environment to enhance more of the "Effective", and less of the "Disorder".

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  • "Since coming to Dr. Handcock in 2007, my migraines have decreased from once or twice a month to a handful per year! ."