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Positively Feeling Good

The other day when I was driving to work, I saw one of those 'mistletoe' plants-it was dancing and rolling across the street looking like it was imitating a great big West Texas tumbleweed.  That was a wonderful way to start my morning.  And this morning, I saw a 'smart' car maneuvering its way through traffic.  Those cars always make me giggle when I see them.  I appreciate the economical and ecological concept behind these little guys, but they just always manage to tickle my funny bone.  I mean, they look like they're just toys, trying to be all grown up and all. On another recent commute in to work, I saw a few Indian Blanket wildflowers bravely poking through dried winter grasses.  They seemed to be intent on showing they were not concerned with subscribing to any predetermined rules of when and where they should be. 

How about you?  Do you have your eyes and your heart open to special gifts that show up unannounced?  Are you grateful for the 'little' things?  I find that the more gratitude I practice in a day, the more I find cool things to be grateful for.  This is not a new idea, nor is it mine.  I do find that it really does work.  In these complex times, it is not a surprise for people to become overwhelmed, or maybe jaded as a means of self-protection. 

What about being more open as a means of survival? Initially, this idea may seem counter-intuitive. If you think about martial arts and self-defense, you recognize part of that practice is taking in and going with the opposing force instead of simply blocking an attack.  Strength is not measured by a retaliatory blow, but by influencing movement to create an advantage.  Experiencing life is so much more satisfying than merely getting by from one day to the next. There will always be challenges, but there will also always be life-affirming gifts in the mix that create energy and beauty.

Lending your positive thoughts to create good days is like an art form.  As with art, practice will improve results.  The body requires tending and care to flourish, as well.  Take yourself off auto-pilot: get adjusted to open up the nervous system; take time to stop and smell the roses.  Call our office at 512.310.2747 to schedule an appointment, and let your good intentions come true! 


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